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    I DLed it late this afternoon after seeing promoted elsewhere. I'm impressed, and like that I can swipe between favorites. I didn't spend too much time with it today, but I'll sign in and check it out tomorrow. The only features I'm missing - maybe I haven't found it yet - is push notifications and tidal/storm surge information (two of my project sites are along the Columbia River, and that data is available via WunderMap as an option).

    Props to the Weather Channel and Weather Underground for putting this app out! :cool:
  3. baypharm, Sep 6, 2014
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    I tried it. I think it's pretty cool and will keep it. Thanks for the heads up Jess!! What is the name of that app you used for the black and white picture processing? I want to try that one, too.

    UPDATE: AMAZING!! This is definitely a keeper. It displays nicely on iPad Air - the graphic interface looks great. I like how it not only gives you current conditions but historical weather data as well. Super great for seeing weather trends. BIG thumbs up from me! I highly recommend it to everyone with an iPad!

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