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    Do you guys remember a few years back in one of the iPhone keynotes, Steve Jobs couldn't demonstrate the new iphone features because there were hundreds of mifi wifi stations in the room? He asked (more like demanded) everyone to turn them off if they wanted to continue.

    I was thinking.. what if tomorrow, there are 1000s or apple watches in the conference centre.. and Cook is unable to demonstrate AW features due to bluetooth interference? hahaha
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    Not sure why you would want that, but Apple has long since either continued to contract out the wifi setup to a consulting company (we also hired the same firm for shows at a company I formerly worked for), which uses massive wifi arrays to ensure there's more than enough sessions and coverage throughout the centre to cover everyone off, or they've purchased the arrays themselves and have their own in-house team for the shows. They're also a partner of Akamai, who has the world-wide distribution network (using Inktomi caching servers) that is used for distribution of the video.

    Either way, they will have many times over the density needed for the show. Each person would likely have to bring about a dozen wifi devices to cause an issue. :)
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    Since 2007 they've worked a few kinks out.

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