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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Rogifan, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Saw this write-up on Tuaw: http://t.co/giYXBnnOLN

    Thought this passage was interesting:
    IMO there's way too much focus on the aesthetics of iOS 7. Sure it's not finished and needs more work on that front. But what I think a lot of people are missing is iOS 7 isn't just a new paint job or re-skin. There's 1,500 new APIs. I can't wait to see what app developers come up with. That's what's most important - iOS having the best apps and keeping people developing on iOS platform first.
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    I agree. I watched the 2nd main keynote of WWDC. The one aimed at the developers. (the main one is focused at the consumer). I'm no programmer but the updates they have done in Xcode 5 + additions like sprite kit and way too many other things to mention will really help developers make their iOS and OS X apps shine. And they can make use of all the great new features in iOS7 and 10.9 to do so. My favourite of the new Xcode features (out of what I could remember) were:
    - The new way to test your code for issues
    - New easy ways to see if your code uses too much memory or power or whatever
    - Bots to automate commits or code testing or whatever
    - Sprite kit
    - No more naming file naming hell for your different iOS images. You have a UI to differentiate the different versions of images now. For the different iOS hardware your app will run on. No more having to use the file name as the differentiator.
    - And there is more but I just can't remember them.

    And you'd be surprised at what the crowd cheered for. A lot of the things, that most of us would find boring, they cheered for cause it'd make their coding work so much easier.

    One thing I don't understand is why the 2nd developer focused keynote is called "Platforms state of the union". Maybe it's a US thing, I just don't get it. Anyway I watched that keynote out of sheer interest. And I now see all the new API's and other things Apple brings to the table with these 2 new OS's.

    Anyone who says iOS7 or 10.9 is just a new UI, really does not get it, in a big way.
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    Because people say this all the time whether its true or not. Supposedly the MacPro was designed around the thermal core but all we hear is form over function. Same with the iMac. As if Apple removed the optical drive just so they could show off a 5mm edge screen. :rolleyes:
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    The general public, on the whole, just see the skin, and a few of them slightly below the skin. The majority of people who are running iOS 7 on this forum and complaining about it ARE NOT serious developers - they're excited geeks who get their hands on the .ipsw file and install it to see what it's all about, then feel THEY HAVE to vocalise what they see, but do so in a largely uninformed, herd-like manner.

    If people spent hours and hours studying the WWDC PDFs and videos, icon grids, typography and much, much more that only developers are privy to, they wouldn't be so quick off the mark to make rash comments (nor would they have much time left to do so - there are HOURS of videos on WWDC page!)

    Understanding iOS 7's new "personality" is a result of in-depth study and reading/watching documentation and videos, understanding design aesthetics, affordance, the balance and context of UI objects, typography, animation, Objective-C practices AND A LOT more besides.

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