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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by MrCheeto, Jun 2, 2010.

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    WWDC 2010 is only five days away at the time of this post.

    Now we haven't seen an awful lot of product reveals at WWDC, but since Apple has decided not to appear at future Macworlds, it's become more frequent. So should we expect a bunch of major reveals? Or will the next iPhone have it's own media event, much like the iPad and iPods?

    We can only speculate, and that's the purpose of this thread, if not the whole forum, but with a twist!

    Most of these threads disappear after a matter of months of discussion, but I personally want to re-open this thread five years from now. I've had a three-year time capsule in another forum, but never one that spans five years, and I'll say upfront, a LOT changes in just three years :D

    So post your speculations for this WWDC and the products you expect from Apple in the next five years. To be opened: June 7, 2015

    PLEASE only post if you plan to be here in five years, for obvious reasons :p

    This WWDC:

    -I have a sneaking suspicion there will be a new model iPhone. It will have 4G connectivity, a higher resolution camera, better resolution display, greater quality speaker and call quality, but all will be inaccessible on AT&T.
    -Maybe the AppleTV will be morphed into an item we'd want to buy.

    In the next five years:

    -Apple will reveal MacOS 11. Mac users will fear it until MacOS 11.2, Grizzly.
    -Optical drives will be stripped from the entire notebook line and turned into a form of universal device bay.
    -The trackpads on Apple portables will be a display.
    -The current clamshell design and "swing-back" display will be completely reinvented with flexible hinging systems.
    -The Mac Pro will be made slightly smaller and lighter and offer MORE user replaceable parts.
    -Apple Portables will come in TECHNICOLOR!
    -The iPod Classic and Nano lines will be combined into a single line.
    -An iPod Shuffle prototype will be lost in a bar, and will be disposed of, mistaken for a crumb.
    -iPads will become independent of an iTunes host computer. The hunger for more power that will lead to the enslavement of humanity, but will not occur until AFTER 2015.
    -The MacBook Air will disappear along with it's novelty.
    -MacOS 11 will be based on multi-touch technology.
    -The iPhone will develop into a full range of iPhone OS devices, much like iPod Touch's and NetPC's.
    -Apple will pioneer broad-wireless internet in portables.
    -iSight cameras will be embedded behind displays, to allow users to look directly at the image of the person they're video chatting with.
    -The ports on Apple portables will have a door, like the MacBook Air.
    -The Mac Mini will develop a pedestal or vertical orientation to decrease its footprint.
    -The iMac will levitate. PC users will laugh before finding ways to secure their computers with fishing line.
    -MobileMe will become a free service.
    -The iMac will move from a pedestal, to an easel design.
    -Apple will cooperate with a gaming studio to develop a Mac-only MMO and sway many gamers.
    -The iPhone will evolve to a full-featured camera as well, offering full consumer-camera quality.
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    Just ya just dig around for something to discuss that has not yet been discussed? :p

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