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Mar 25, 2013
OK, against my better judgement I parted ways with my iPhone. I miss it and want it back, found a dude who has two of them (16GB Space Gray & 64GB Silver) at a decent price. I am a chronic switcher who will most likely end up with the next iPhone anyway so I really just need to get through them summer. I've never maxed out the memory on a 16GB device. That said, I'm looking ahead at potential resale values. Is it worth it to spend the extra $100 now to get more back in the long run?


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Oct 31, 2010
I think that getting the 16GB is more favorable since you aren't planning to keep it long term and you don't use more than 16GB. Don't waste money unnecessarily.

Think about it this way - you buy a 16 GB phone for $600 (I'm assuming numbers), but you could have gone with a 64GB for $700. That's $100 extra you're either spending or saving.

Now then, if we assume we spend it, we can look at the resale value of previous generations and the conclusion is you will not get a difference of more than $100 between the two sizes (that makes sense since the phone value is going to depreciate and you'll be selling near announcement).

I'd say more like a $50-$70 difference. Either way, you just wasted $30-$50 more, when you could have used that towards your 6s.

Get the size that is suitable for you. Forget about resale values.


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Jun 7, 2008
I've found that when it comes to reselling Apple devices, more storage has a negligible difference. Just buy what you need.


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May 6, 2008
Since you're probably going to buy the 6s once it's released, I would just go with the 16GB. If you were planning on holding on to the phone, then the 64GB would probably make more sense.
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