iPhone X X or 7 ? Which is better value now ?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by vivek28, Nov 1, 2018.

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    Which is a better buy ?

    Here is my precedent. I use iPhone for workouts( NTC and NRC apps), shooting some videos, facetime and cellular calling, apps, youtube on the go, imessaging and whatsapp. Much less for games and Photos though.

    iPhone 7 is 500 dollars, iphone X is 900 dollars.

    I tend not not prefer glass back iphone as i Handle them rough. I heard stories about X breaking up in falls with cases On. I didnt like XR, huge for my hands and XS costs way much more. Also, ios 12 was really good on 7 too.

    Which one would you recommend ?
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    Jul 7, 2010
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    Jul 12, 2016
    $400 is a significant difference in terms of what you’re willing to spend, but can you justify the $400 based on your usage what you listed in your post?

    Additionally, You mentioned you were concerned about the glass back being prone to breaking, if you use a decent case, that likely is going to reduce the chance of the phone breaking, but if you don’t upgrade very often, I would consider the iPhone X, because it will see much longer support over your iPhone 7.
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    Dual lense iPhone cameras can be operated one-handed for zoom and other functions. Single-lense iPhones use pinch-zoom, a two-handed operation. Being disabled, this is important to me. Apple store employees don’t know this till I show them.

    The 7+ is a heck of a phone—everything I needed except it’s too big. I traded up to the XS. I really like its smaller size.

    Otherwise, I would have stayed with the 7+.
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    Sep 8, 2013
    Thanks Man for the decent info.

    Yeah I handle my phones rough and take them to park for workouts and runs. I had a broken an iphone once in a case lol.

    My workflow would be pretty decent on an iphone 7 also.. i just want to know from long term users and switchers, if X is really the deal !! gestures, face id, full screen, camera(bokeh mode) ?

    I personally care for iOS more than an iphone.
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    It’s a huge difference between an iPhone 7 and iPhone X in terms of experience with Face ID, OLED display, form factor, even camera grades are significant. If you can justify that, then I would say the $400 is worth it. If you don’t upgrade very often, then I think the iPhone X would serve you for at least another 3/4 years.
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    Sep 24, 2014
    My X is in an Apple leather case. Has been dropped numerous times on cement and ceramic tile. Never an issue---
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    Great !! that exuded confidence in an X Purchase :D
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    What I don’t get is you say the XS is to expensive but it’s only $100 more then the X. Might as well get the XS for the difference. And that’s coming from a guy that has an X.
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    Not to mention according to a guy on here they are offering a $250 gift card at target this weekend if you buy an XS.

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    Better value?? The iPhone 7 by a clear margin I’d say.
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    Appreciate your help mate :D

    But i quoted those prices as per my country.. here XS equates to 1350 USD :eek:

    Although thanks for the sneaky info.. 250$ off, will see if its solid for unlocked iPhones as well.. if it is, 1 of my guy should be able to get it for me sooner or later lol
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    #therealdeal ;)
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    nah Man.. big phone, big price, big holes in pocket...:rolleyes:

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