X Pre-Order/pick up in store: payment when?


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Apr 21, 2010
If I pre-order and opt to pick it up in the store (if that's an option this time around ... I guess we won't know until pre-orders go live), when is payment finalized?

I'm hoping to pre-order and pick up in the store so I can trade in my current phone at the same time (I always get a really good price for my existing phone with this method as my phones are always in pristine condition).

If payment will have already been charged against my card, I suppose I could pick it up in the store, return it, and immediately re-purchase it using my phone as a trade-in... hmm.

My initial question still stands, though. :)


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Nov 21, 2008
Logic would say that they take the money right away, given that you've successfully reserved a device.
If I recall correctly though, in past years it was just a hold and not the actual charge until you picked it up.