X symbol in my slide to unlock box (Lockscreen)

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  1. giant11, Dec 1, 2011
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    Dec 1, 2011

    As seen from the photo, I looked everywhere in ifile to locate where that X symbol was coming from. I did noticed this X symbol appear after downloading either typophone 4 or lockinfo.

    I tried to find out which app was causing this X symbol to appear but when I deactivate everything from winterboard, the X symbol continued to appear. I even went as far to delete both of those apps but nothing changed. Now I have a permanent X symbol on my lockscreen.

    What I have noticed is that this X symbol is not part of the wallpaper and seems to be with my slide to unlock background. I have tried the Tap to unlock but the X symbol is still there. When I do slide to unlock however, once unlocked, the X moves with the background of the slide to unlock box.

    This only pertains to the lockscreen where as, when I try to power down my iphone by holding onto the top right, there is not X symbol in that slide to powerdown background.

    I deeply apologize as this is starting to get confusing but I been at this for days and could not figure it out. Any help will be appreciate or where I can find the exact source from ifile. (Just incase, my iphone is jailbroken)

    Thank you once again.

    If this is of any help, the version of my iphone is 4.1
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    Dec 1, 2011
    Any suggesgions will help me greatly. I just tried installing an app where u can hide the slide to lock button and background but the x remains :(

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