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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by JMEANS, Apr 9, 2015.

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    My setup as follows: Ethernet run ATV3 (x2) does function via latest iTunes on my Mac Pro Tower running Snow Leopard. Once upon a time m ATV's ran without disconnects, buffer issues etc. Now the performance is all over the place with every new update. I realize Snow Leopard is probably a factor however, as stated above there was a time everything ran great with it. The Honeymoon phase I guess you can call it. So what gives? Why so many issues update after update as many here have posted? Doubt there will ever be a clear answer which is why even though I love the organization of iTunes and ATV media display interface, I may have too find an alternative that would be compatible with my iTunes tagged files (similar metadata orientation) if you get my meaning? I have heard of XBMC (now Kodi I think) and PLEX but I wasn't sure how customizable tagging would be with my files and how the orientation of my iTunes media would display on another interface? I really don't want to retag all my media again, nor have time to so wondered how compatible they would be? Thanks for any info on this in advance. Jim
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    Both are pretty intuitive with the metadata from iTunes. The only issue for Plex if you have TV shows. The need to be organised in a particular way. Show (Folder) - Season (folder) - episodes numbered a certain way. If things are just dumped in any which way it may be all over the place. It does have it's own re-namer tool which has worked fairly well for me but I haven't had need of it outside of a couple of things.

    Kodi is great. To actually set it up takes a little patience but once you get your head around the little bits and pieces you usually have little to worry about.

    Both are OK but I don't know if your performance is going to be any better for using them. I think Snow Leopard is your big issue. Mavericks and Yosemite are such different beasts that the backwards compatibility is really spotty. It doesn't take much to upgrade the RAM and they are both currently free to DL. You might find a system upgrade will serve you better long term.
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    Jun 9, 2012
    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. Valuable info for sure so I think I will look into an upgrade. Jim
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    KODI is great since it does all the processing while playing the video so you dont need a beefy library computer to handle transcoding.
    If you want to try out KODI, you can pick up an Amazon FireTV for 99 bucks and easily put it on there and mess around with it. it does have a learning curve compared to Plex but once you figure it out, its way more customizable.
    I like the FireTV for a KODI box since its cheap, has all the main streaming services (netflix, amazon prime, HBOgo, Hulu) and i've been using one for KODI with hardly any problems for over a year now (i think, since whenever the FireTV first went on sale).

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