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  1. wobegong Guest

    May 29, 2012
    Sure that most (all?) of you know about this amazing piece of software already but as currently supported software on PPC is getting rare just thought I would highlight this.
    I have a desktop now at work (running Ubuntu) so my MBP is redundant, I've now replaced my loyal G5 with this and using it in clamshell, using the G5 keyboard, mouse and ACD and have it sitting on a cooling plinth - so it now a kind of 'removeable desktop'.

    Now what to do with that G5...so I have a spare HD 32" tv in the bedroom thats never been used (I'm in a rented apartment abroad for work) so I thought "media centre?" (I use my old MB and a PS3 for this in the main living room linked by 1Gb ethernet through my Airport Extreme attached USB drive for my video library) for the bedroom....

    Amazingly what i thought would be a non starter due to poor software choice turned into gold when i saw that the latest (stable) version of XBMC is fully PPC supported(!)

    Installed this and downloaded the XBMC app for the iPad. It's truly a spectacular piece of software, I can say the best piece of free software I think I have ever come across and no need for a keyboard or mouse at all (the XBMC remote app cover it fully, adding XBMC to the startup items and the fact it provides a 'Suspend/Sleep' function for the machine within the program means I also don't have to have a power draining PowerMac G5 on 24x7.
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    Jul 17, 2005
    Mooresville, NC
    I set up my PMG4 MDD as a media center for a while. It was actually really great w/ XBMC, although I think I settled on Plex or something like that after a while. It could even push 720p video without too much trouble! In short: do it!
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    Nov 15, 2012
    Yeah, someone built a version of the newest Plex client to run on PowerPC, so it's definitely an alternative. However, you can't run the Plex Media Server on PowerPC.

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