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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by RoboCop001, Mar 15, 2008.

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    Hey everyone. We recently just got an HDTV, and we've had an Xbox for a little while.

    It's a moded one though, with a different looking OS, and it included Xbox media centre (or does that always come with it? whatever.. lol)

    I think the OS is from OPA Limited, because that's what it says beside "Nickname".

    Anyway... I'm not too sure how to set the Xbox to deliver a 16:9 image. It can do that, right? I've seen settings for widescreen, but I nothing seemed to work and the "automatic widescreen" was greyed out.

    I even tried to go into the system settings from the OS startup screen, but those settings didn't work for some reason. I'll try again.

    But in the video settings, the "enable 480" "enable 720" and "enable 1080" are all greyed out, even if I set the setting above it to "Format: Widescreen." That's in the System Settings - Video Settings from the OS start up screen, I mean.

    There didn't really seem to be any aspect ratio settings in the Media Centre OS though.

    Basically all I want to do this for is to watch video files on it in their native 16:9 ratio. I don't like having to stretch the image with the TV and I'd rather have fullscreen than two bars on the left and right.

    So is there a special cable I'm supposed to buy? I just have the RGB ones that came with it. I doubt it's that though, since my DVD player uses RGB and it outputs 16:9.

    Are the settings in the Microsoft Dashboard, or the Media Centre?

    All I want to do is to be able to watch videos in 16:9, because my DVD player doesn't support Divx, and it's a pain to convert them to DVD format all the time.

    Thank you! And yeah, for those neurotic people who just post "Search before you ask", I did. I even searched Google and didn't find anything useful.

    Thanks for your time and information. :D
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    Oct 4, 2005
    Toronto, Canada

    Actually, it still has the regular Microsoft Dashboard thing in it. I can launch that and use it as a regular unmodded XBox.

    Are there any settings in regular dashboard for 16:9? And would those settings be preserved after I restart the system and open up Media Centre?

    Someone's gotta know lol
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    The XBox supported widescreen, but on a game to game basis. I don't think the dashboard had an option for 16:9. Since you're using a system with modded software, you're going to have to find the details for that to see if it supports 16:9 outside of games that specifically feature it.
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    Feb 12, 2008
    i too am not going to be of much help.
    there are options for widescreen in both the stock xbox dash, and the XBMC menus.
    here is the screen for XBMC (the most common version)

    its a possibility that the xbox requires the better cables to switch to higer res in the native xbox menu (like 360, wii, others)... but playing around with the settings in XBMC might allow this with standard cables.

    good luck!
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    First off you need an HDTV cable. Then you can possibly set the right resolution, and widescreen or letterbox if you like. If you can not do it in XBMC, you then need to do it in the MS dashboard.

    Btw, the nickname is the name you assign to your xbox, not the "OS". IE if you have a lan game in Halo, you can see the other xbox nicknames.
    The above link has tons of useful info about how to properly use XBMC.

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