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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by pellets007, Dec 1, 2011.

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    Hello everyone.

    I just upgraded from an N64 to an Xbox 360 S 4GB. I was wondering if I could add an additional hard drive to the system.

    I found an enclosure on Amazon for $8. I already have a 250/320GB HDD. If I buy the enclosure, can I pop in the HDD and have it work on the Xbox?

    I have heard that people can swap HDDs from older Xbox models, but I didn't see anyone who put in a computer disk. It's currently formatted in HFS+, but I'm assuming that doesn't work. :p What do I need to format the HDD as?

    As an aside, any recommendations for a decent headset would be appreciated as well. Something for around ~$30 or less preferable.

    Thank you kindly. :)
  2. Mr.C macrumors 601

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    Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Xbox 360 hard drives are proprietory. On the old non-slim models they were connected on the outside but could be disconnected by pressing a button. With the new slim models the hard drive is internal but it is still proprietory. You would need to buy the Microsoft specific Xbox 360 slim hard drive.
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    There are workarounds.

    You can get a 250gb HD from another Slim xbox, put it in a specific Slim enclosure and hook it up that way. There are videos of 'hacks' like these on Youtube that walk you through it

    The USB port limits you to 16gb.

    I'd honestly recommend the xbox wireless headset. The quality is superb since it connects to your xbox directly (Not through the controller). Battery lasts me a good amount of time, and it has a USB charger so I can pretty much plug it into whatever. I have no idea how much it is, but it should be in the $30 range, now.
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    If you can find a 120gb hard drive from the "fat" 360 you can use it. Just take the shell of the HDD apart, remove the actual drive, and insert it into the Slim. Takes all of 5 minutes.
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    That's what I did. Shattered apart a 250gb phat enclosure and put it in side. It's been over a year now and no issues.

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