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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by cycocelica, Apr 16, 2008.

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    Xbox Live is slowly becoming a joke. First we get major down time and problems in December. Then CoD4 maps give us problem. Now this:

    Yesterday, I try to sign into my Xbox Live Account to play CoD4, and I get a warning message saying "Your account has been suspended due to a problem with your payment option. Please use a different payment option or update your current information in Account Management." I think ok, I just changed my Account info last month because I got a new card, but whatever I'll just update it.

    So I click "Update Profile." What does it do? Takes me back to the main Xbox Live screen. I think ok, just a minor flaw, I will login from the main screen. I try that and it never signs me onto Xbox Live. It doesn't even bring up the warning message. So I click on my gamer card and try to access Account Management through that. I get another warning message, "You must be signed in to Xbox Live to manage your Xbox Live membership." So basically I can't access my Xbox Live account because I am not signed in, but it won't let me sign in to fix it. Fine, I will do this online.

    I go to and try to sign in. Only problem is I don't remember the password for the hotmail account I created, 4 years ago. Of course, hotmails password recovery is garbage and I don't have a password still.

    Needless to say, if Xbox Live wants me to fix something, at least give me access. How am I supposed to fix a billing problem if I can't login. I may consider dropping Xbox Live. PSN is free and from what I have seen recently, it is comparable now to XBL.

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    Lol...that is very untrue. Although it's getting better, it's still a long ways away from Live. Stop by Bill's on the way home tonight and ask him what's up with Live. :D
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    I agree PSN has less features, but I have never had a problem with reliability. (I did one time, but it turned out to be my router rather than PSN)

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