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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jjk454ss, Dec 20, 2016.

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    I got a good deal on an Xbox One S. I'm debating on whether or not I should keep it to use as a media player only since I don't play video games. Has anyone used air server? I'm wondering how well it works. I have a 4K UHD TV so I like the idea of the Xbox for Blu-rays, but I can't see myself purchasing very many 4K Blu-ray's until they get cheaper or I can rent them. How does the Xbox compared to the Apple TV for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon? I know a couple people who rent movies on the Xbox and they seem to be cheaper than iTunes, is that often the case?

    Anything that I should know? Everything I have is Apple, iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Apple TV. Anyway to make use of the Xbox with Apple devices?
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    hmm, I have an xbox One (not S). My 5 year old loves it for game plus it has access with Netflix and youtube for his cartoons. For the rest of the house AppeTV suits us much better as it has better remote control navigating and UI experience than with XBox. Xbox primary function is a gaming console with additional abilities. AppleTV is a Media streaming device with additional abilities. Our Roku comes in second place in my opinion. If Amazon Prime is your primary stream sources, then Roku is #1 as there is not app for AppleTV.

    Your Apple devices integrate with XBox 0%.
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    I have a 4k as well and use the Xbox as my media player; works well. My favorite option is using it with Kinect and being able to pass/turnoff with just my voice.
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    Thanks. I'm thinking since 4K BD is still so pricey I will stick with the ATV. I guess the Xbox will go up for sale.
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    I use mine with Plex and it can play x.265 content without transcoding video. Plex also supports 4k on Xbox One S - I have tried this although I have very little 4K content. Netflix also supports 4K and AppleTV does not.

    I use a harmony remote and find the remote navigation fine.
    If I had to choose between one device it would be Xbox One S because it is a much more powerful gaming console than Apple TV and I use Plex for all my media.

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