Xbox360 controller on the PC.

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Chone, Mar 4, 2008.

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    For once Microsoft does something sleek and simple :D

    Deciding that I wasn't gonna buy a next-gen console just yet I also decided to get a 360 controller for my PC so that I get to play games that do come on Windows like Devil May Cry 4 (despite the bad rap) and Assassin's Creed (among others like DiRT, etc).

    To be honest I was expecting a lot of bloatware but the 360 Controller implementation for Windows is very nice, first of all, I've always liked the 360 controller a lot, the triggers are pretty great and it just feels good in my hands (not to mention it's sleek enough not to de-harmonize the rest of my Apple gear).

    Installation is pretty simple, you just download the driver, install it and you are set, you get a little 5mb process called XboxStat but that's it, when you press the middle button (the xbox button) it brings up a little seamless windows indicating the status of the controllers, it's pretty invisible and you don't notice anything until you need to.

    If Microsoft did anything right with their Games For Windows label is the 360 controller implementation, I haven't bought any games that would be better to play on a pad yet but I still tried it with some of my games (Crysis, Bioshock and Gears of War). Bioshock was a pretty seamless experience, it recognized my controller and by just toggling one option in the menu the game transformed into a controller-centric experience, long story short, the game was practically undiscernible from Bioshock in the 360, I still like the game better with a mouse and keyboard but I was surprised with the versatility of the controller and the support from the game.

    Crysis was next, the game automatically recognized the controller and enabled it, while the game worked pretty well, a control pad is not enough to handle a game like Crysis without some redoing of the UI but still that's not what is in question, the important thing is the game supported the controller right out of the box without any hassles.

    Gears of War was also a pleasant experience, this game is kind of fun to play with a game pad but again, support for the controller was outstanding, even the hints and tips were updated to reflect the game pad scheme, like Bioshock, playing GoW on the PC with a 360 controller was pretty much the same as playing it on a real 360.

    Overall, I'd rate the controller and the PC implementation as a whole a good solid 9/10, it's pretty great, I can't wait to get Devil May Cry 4 for PC, I've been waiting a long time for this game but I don't own any next gen consoles so I was thrilled to see it schedule for the PC and now I'm even happier knowing the 360 controller works as good as it does.
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    I really love the 360 controller as well. It's a good fit for the hands and just works.

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