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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by mchong2, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. mchong2 macrumors newbie

    Feb 4, 2009
    This may be silly but I have a question about using Code Sense in Xcode. I'm not sure if I'm missing anything.

    I came across this when I was typing the code below:

    [UIView beginAnimations:mad:"View Flip" context:nil];

    I noticed that Code Sense did not give any method name suggestions after I typed in "beginA" of the above code.

    Also, Code Sense did not suggest the [UIView setAnimationCurve: ] method as I was typing "setA" of the "setAnimationCurve" method name.

    I've tried to rebuild the Code Sense Index under Project Settings -> General -> Rebuild Code Sense Index but this did not fix my problem.

    Any help would be appreciated!!
  2. jnic macrumors 6502a

    Oct 24, 2008
    Xcode is generally crap, and Code Sense seems to come and go at will. You just learn to live with it. There's been discussion of Objective-C support in Eclipse but no implementation as yet. Anyone have other solutions?
  3. wizard macrumors 68040

    May 29, 2003
    XCode is certainly buggy. In one instance it so screwed itself up that I had to reinstall. Not fun at all. I do recommend that you get the latest XCode and then file defect reports, but honestly I'm not sure Apple cares. It is not just Objective C either as XCode really sucks as a Python editor.

    Unfortunately I can not recommend Eclipse by any means as I REALLY disappointed with their attitude with respect to updates and code quality. Now one can hope that Eclipse will get better but they need to address the update system so that it works as one would expect. Every installation I've every had (Linux, Mac, Windows) has degenerated into a mess while trying to keep the program updated with Eclipses own update tools. These where not wild installations either with just the stuff that is common from Eclipse and supposedly tested and ready for installation. It is pretty bad when a release isn't more than a couple of months old and the update system borks totally.

    In any event there is not a lot that I can suggest as complete replacements for XCode as Apple does have an unusual development environment in Objective C. I have been playing around with Aquamacs while doing some work in Python. I also have Mac Vim installed. CodeBlocks had generated a bit of interest but they seemed to have lost development steam, as I've not seen a release since 8.02. Frankly there doesn't seem to be a complete Objective C IDE out there besides XCode.

    To get around this your best bet is to find a good editor that you can live with, either the above mentioned or something else that you might favor. Then do your development in the editor you use and let XCode take care of the app building. I recently did this with respect to Python scripts that I'm using to generate data for an iPhone app. XCode was slowing things down so bad I really had no choice. That of course isn't Objective C which I can't really comment on as far as external editors go. I know that Aquamacs barely highlights it, where MacVim is slightly better. That might get better with a little effort but neither is a canned solution to XCode.

    Note too my experience with Aquamacs is new in the last couple of weeks. After giving up on XCode for Python code I started to us Idle which frankly sucks on a Mac. By coincidence I stumbled on Aquamacs and decided to try it out even thought I've longed had a distaste for EMACS. The developers have done a reasonably nice job of merging EMACS with the Aqua interface. That and it runs acceptably fast on my dual core MBP means that I will be working with it some more to see if it is worth keeping around.

  4. Thomas.W macrumors newbie

    Nov 10, 2009
    This appears to be a conflict between the static code analysis tools (Clang) and CodeSense. See

    I turned off the "Run Static Analyzer" build setting and clicked on the "Rebuild Code Sense Index" under general and it solved the problem for me. However, I want static code analysis too.

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