Xcode for an alarm app?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by cheesejrr, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Jun 29, 2011
    So I've got a unique idea for an alarm app for the iPod/iPad/iPhone app store, and I have quite a lot of free time and a powerful iMac in order to be able to create an app.. but I have no experience with coding. Of any kind.

    I'm intelligent and willing to work hard at it, but where can I start? I've been reading through http://www.cocoalab.com/BecomeAnXcoder.pdf but and although i haven't finished reading through it yet, it does not seem to give help on actually writing the app, such as creating a menu system?

    My app would be pretty basic, obviously some sort of clock/alarm function with a few menus, hopefully be able to play music from the individual's personal music collection. I'm not terribly comfortable explaining my app further, the rest is the unique selling point.

    So any resources? Any basics of the differences between Cocoalab and Xcode, if any? Advice on making an app such as an alarm?
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    Read through the stickies, check the other topics made with similar questions.
    Refer to some books, read through them.
    I specially (personally) recommand going through the Stanford C193P program, which is free on the iTunes store.
    I've been coding alot in Objective-C and i personally recommand these alot, they will give you a thorough explenation of HOW Objective-C works (because Xcode is just an IDE, not the language), Cocoa Touch, simulator vs device. How to roll against what you want, etc.
    If you have a tad more specific questions, head back here, and sure we can help.
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    Also, check out youtube. I think I've seen some videos on how to make an alarm app un xcode. You'll find a lot of misinformation on youtube but it is a good starting point.

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    Nov 26, 2007

    Although I think they might expect you to already to know more than you do... so if you find those lessons aren't making enough sense, pick up a copy of The C Programming Language (it's a book, big blue C in the middle, mostly white cover,) and read the first few chapters / do the first few exercises of that.
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    Leave the app development alone for a while and just concentrate on learning programming then.

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