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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by RookieAppler, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. RookieAppler macrumors member

    Mar 15, 2012
    I am new to apple development. I want to develop apps for ipad. I came to know that in-order to do that, i need a mac with SL. But, i have a mac with leopard on it. I installed xcode 3.0 and did some basic obj-c coding on it.
    So, should i buy a new mac with SL that has Intel core 2 duo on it? What about XCode?For developing ipad apps should i have XCode 4.0 with SDK 4.3???Please help me out guys...
  2. gumblecosby macrumors 6502

    Jun 22, 2010
    As of ios 5.1 sdk, snow leopard has been depreciated. You can still develop ios 5.0.1 based apps for the new iPad with xcode 4.2 on snow leopard. If you are starting out, I would recommend going straight to Lion so you can run xcode 4.3.1 and avail of the retina ipad simulator.
  3. RookieAppler thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 15, 2012
    Thanks gumblecosby. So as i have leopard on my mac, should i buy first snow leopard and then buy lion?will lion work on the h/w on my mac. i have a 2Ghz Intel Core Duo right now on my mac. I read on apple site that i need to buy SL first for $29 (discs) and then buy lion from digital store. Will it cause problems on this old mac or should i go and buy a new mac mini?
    I also read that xcode 4.0 is no longer available for SL. Inorder to get that one has to be a paid developer ($99:confused:) ). What are my options here?
  4. gumblecosby macrumors 6502

    Jun 22, 2010
    Lion is compatible with any core2duo mac or higher. It wont work on coreduo macs unfortunately.

    To get xcode 4.2 for snow leopard, you have to pay the 99$. It is available to download when you login after joining. There are shady ways to get it (torrents, etc.) which are useless if you want to publish apps on the app store as you need a iOS Dev license.

    My recommendation:
    Lion + snow Leopard + ADC iOS license = about $160
    Selling your current mac should raise you at least $400 or $500 depending on condition and specs.
    Those combined should help get you a new mini. Id recommend 4gb too for xcode with Lion.
    Xcode 4.3.1 is free for Lion so you can mess with it before taking the plunge to buy a license to publish apps
  5. RookieAppler thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 15, 2012
    Thanks again gumblecosby.
    So if i buy SL (30) + (99$)ADC license = 130..that will work ???right?
    Like u said i can't install lion on this mac bcoz of the h/w, so no point in buying it.
    Buying the 99$ will give me access to xcode 4.2?? Then i am good to work on this mac and publish the apps? can that be regarded as one option?


    sell my mac for yeah like 400 or 500 and get a new mini with lion on it. Then i get free xcode as well? what about publishing then?Separate fee for that or having an Apple ID would suffice?
    When u said that as of iOS 5.1 SDK, SL has been depreciated, what does that mean?
  6. xStep macrumors 68000

    Jan 28, 2003
    Less lost in L.A.
    To post apps to the App Store or to transfer apps that you're developing to your device or beta tester devices, you need the $99 iOS Developer account. Don't get confused and buy the OS X developer account, that is the wrong one.

    There was a period there where Apple sold Xcode 4. That may still apply for the free developer account. Create one if you haven't already and find out.

    I've so far ignored the "as of iOS 5.1 SDK, SL has been depreciated". To run Xcode 4.3 and above, you require Lion. The iOS 5.1 SDK is part of the newer Xcode 4.3.1, so it too requires Lion.

    Snow Leopard can be used to develop iOS apps just fine, you simply won't be able to take advantage of some newer features added to a few frameworks, and the dictation support. Also I believe testing your creation on devices running iOS 5.1 and higher would not work as the older Xcode wouldn't recognize the device. I'm rather hoping I wrong on this last point.

    Xcode 4.2 is available and requires Snow Leopard.
  7. RookieAppler thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 15, 2012
    Thanks xStep.
    I went by your recommendation. i looked on apple site for a free developer account. But it brought me to my apple id a/c. I looked at this link
    and all i find for SL is versions 3.X..no 4.X. Can you post me a link for SL compatible xcode 4.x .
    I have another question. I am thinking to go with the new mac mini for 600$. Like my name suggests i am new appler. So, is mac mini just like a CPU on a windows system?:eek: what about the monitor. I have a SA300/SA350 samsung monitor. Can i connect my mac mini to this?
  8. xStep macrumors 68000

    Jan 28, 2003
    Less lost in L.A.
    I'm not sure how you got to that downloads page. I haven't seen that in ages.

    So, I logged in with both a free account and a paid developer account. What I found was that I could only see Xcode 4.2 for Snow Leopard from the paid account. I checked the Mac App Store and the only version available there is the one that runs on Lion.

    So, it seems that with a free account, you can only download Xcode 3.2.6 or the newer 4.3.1. I really have to wonder about Apple's thinking here. It's like got something to do with the fact they charged for Xcode 4 for a short time.

    Check the specs on the mini regarding the video port, and the specs of Samsung monitor. You may need a converter cable or other special cable.

    One benefit of starting out with Xcode 4 is that you wouldn't have to learn the differences from Xcode 3 if you were to start with that. As far as coding goes there isn't a difference except for things not accessible in the older version. Oh, ARC isn't available in Xcode 3.

    If you are new to software development, then I suggest starting out with the older Xcode to minimize your monetary investment. If you are an experienced developer then jumping into Xcode 4 is a good choice as the monetary investment may be less of a concern compared to the time investment of switching between an older and newer Xcode later on.

    Just to reaffirm, in the About This Mac window, it says 2.0 Ghz Intel Core Duo, right? If it says Intel Core 2 Duo, then Lion and Xcode 4.3.1 would be a possibility.

    I'm stuck on a Core Duo machine right now and it is concern as there are things I want to do that require the newer Xcode, and I'm starting to feel left behind. :(
  9. RookieAppler thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 15, 2012
    Thanks xStep. i was researching on google and i got to that link.
    So xcode 3.2 or 4.3 are my options with a free a/c. But 4.3 will not work on this mac. Yes it says "Intel Core Duo".
    I am not new to s/w dev. I have done programming(school assgns and stuff) for the past 6 years on OO programming but now i am taking a plunge into Apple world.
    I will take a look at the video specs.

    Thanks again.:)

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