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    Hi All,

    I was debating whether to put this in the 'Windows' forum, or here, and figured I would try this first.

    I am trying to use the XCOPY command to copy a large amount of files from one shared network drive to the other. When I try to do this manually, I run into many errors, which, in Windows XP, stops the copy process. This XCOPY looks exactly like what I need, but I can't quite figure out how to specify the correct target and destination folders.

    For example, I want to copy 'V:\Blaze' to 'Z:\Blaze'. Both are shared network drives for work. I was thinking something like this:

    xcopy v:\Blaze /c

    /c is the command for continuing despite errors. I am pretty unfamiliar with DOS - I assume I would have to make the target drive my current drive that the session is for? I barely even know how to do that.

    Thanks for any information here.
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    xcopy v:\blaze\*.* z:\blaze\ /E /C /F /Y

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    I have no idea why you would think to ask a Windows command line question in a mac programming forum. Microsoft specific forums somewhere else would be best.

    My first suggestion would be to use the GUI and drag the files to the new folder.

    If you must use xcopy try this:

    xcopy v:\blaze\*.* z:\blaze /e /c /i /y

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