Xdebug Not Working (MAMP / Netbeans)

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    Hi all,

    So I'm trying to get Netbeans to connect to Xdebug for a project, but it pinwheels indefinitely when I try to do so...

    I have the default line for Xdebug that ships with the MAMP PHP.ini file uncommented:

    in the /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.3/conf/php.ini file that the MAMP PHPInfo screen tells me is being loaded.

    I have added the

    lines to that same .ini file, as per Netbeans.

    Some weirdness that I noticed is that the xdebug.so that the default MAMP php.ini file says exists is not actually there...

    I have seperately tried to compile and install the xdebug.so extension from the xdebug site, using the MAMP PHPInfo output in their configuration-generator but have not gotten any luck...

    Anyone gotten this to work and / or know where to point in the right direction?
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    Of course, having just posted about this after several nights of trying to figure it out ... I just did.

    Here are some tips for anyone finding this thread in the future:
    • You must use MAMP's PHPInfo to generate the appropriate installation instructions from http://xdebug.org/wizard.php (not your system's, duh!)
    • You must give yourself permissions to access MAMP's own version of phpize and php-config in order to configure the creation of the xdebug.so, otherwise you are going to get permission errors and potentially confuse yourself by using the wrong phpize (which is what I did)...

    Phew, it's all working now and was actually fairly easy to do ... annoying, confusing (to me) steps aside. LOL. ;)

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