Xfer from 2012 Retina to 2106; 8MB/s?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by eoblaed, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. eoblaed, Feb 20, 2017
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    Is this right?

    I don't have any USB-C adapters yet (still waiting on those). This means my only option for using Migration Assistant to transfer stuff from my 2012 Retina MBP to my new 2016 MBP (with touchbar) is 'wifi'. Ick.

    What I did to hopefully speed it up was plug my 2012 MBP directly into the AirPort Extreme via Cat-5e cable. I completely disabled the wifi after doing this and confirmed during the Migration Assistant phase that it wasn't using wifi. I did this so that only one of the machines would be on wifi (the 2016) to avoid a lot of radio congestion as things are sucked off of one machine and transmitted to the other.

    The problem is that I'm only averaging 8MB/s transfer speed, with an estimated time of completion around 16 hours (for roughly 300-350GB). This is after waiting an hour for things to 'settle out'.

    Surely they can transfer faster than 8MB/s over a latest gen AirPort Extreme?
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    That's definitely not right. My 2012 Air transferred to my new MBP at around 30MB/s over WiFi and about 80 over Thunderbolt 1 (with a TB1/2 to 3 adapter).
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    Yeah, I managed to score a Thunderbolt <--> USB-C adapter. That, along with a standard Thunderbolt cable and I'm now getting between 70 - 110 MB/s. Much, much better. :D

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