XFX HD 5770 (non-ref ) in MP 2,1 with multiple boot screens

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    XFX non-ref HD 5770.jpg

    A newcomer to Netkas ( Fl0r!an ) has breathed new life into a number of PC graphics cards over the past few months.

    As you can see from my post . . i now have an XFX non reference HD 5770 1 gb DDR5 that shows bootscreens on ..

    1. DVI - VGA ( icons are bigger than usual ) but still genuine apple look.

    2. DVI - HDMI - perfect boot screens.

    3. DVI - DVI - perfect boot screens.
    I think that the Display port works too but I don't have this cable.

    Learn how to "SEW" the EFI part into your factory original rom.

    The process involves ( 1) downloading the 5770.efi part of the rom from page4 of the link above
    and then (2) placing your original 5770 dumped rom at the root of your home directory ( renamed to myrom.rom ) along with " fixrom.py" and then (3) copy and paste the displayed terminal commands + the fixrom.py terminal command. the guide in in the FIRST POST

    Now the rom has boot efi and can be transferred to a USB stick to be used in Win 7 to flash the HD 5770

    Set up for Flashing :

    1. I never use Bootcamp. I removed all had drives except a 250gb one and then booted from the Win 7 install CD and installed Win 7 32 bit on my 2,1 Mac Pro.

    2. With all drives except the Win 7 HD disconnected start Win7.

    3. After Win 7 has booted larn how to set up a Win 7 ADMINISTRATOR account. (not hard, Google it )

    3. Now download and install these ( Google them as I did )

    fixrom.py ( used on the Mac Pro side )
    RBE- allows flashing + clock speed etc lots of options.
    GPU - displays info about your video cards and allows you to DUMP the factory ROM for safekeeping ( essential ! )
    Winflash - no frills flashing tool
    Amd auto-detect utility - helps you find the correct AMD / ATI driver for Win 7. It is important to have the correct AMD driver installed for your card in Win 7 so that GPU etc can find the card to be flashed.

    ( programming savvy people can use AtiFlash but RBE does the pretty well the same job much easier )

    Flash the rom.

    1. Remove all cards except the target card or you will lmost definitely be sorry.

    2. Run GPU and download your factory ORIGINAL ( important ) rom and rename it to express that and save it where you can easily find it again
    it indeed your original treasured rom.

    3. Start WinFlash ( easiest unless you have special problems )

    4. In Winflash hit LOAD BIOS and , load your " myrom.rom "

    5. Now hit PROGRAM and the rom will be flashed. Don't interrupt the flashing process under any circumstances !
    ` ( If Winflash complains you can force flash in RBE ).

    Shut down Win 7 & Mac Pro . . slide out the Win7 HD and re-insert your normal OSX drives.

    Retsart your Mac Pro. . if you see a white screen pop up during the boot process then you almost certainly will have EFI BOOT SCREENS.

    On my XFX HD 5770 there are two DVI ports .. only one ( so far ) shows boor screens as you cn see from the pic below.

    if you saw the white screen at first re-boot. . boot up again holding down the OPTION key. You should see nice little Apple hard drive icons.

    if you have either a DVI to VGA adaptor or DVI to VGA cable the Apple HD icons will be larger.

    If you have a DVI to HDMI cable the Apple HD icons will be pristine and correct size.

    Flashing has a learning curve that daunts some - me too for a whle too but just follow the instructions to the letter and enjoy seeing that grey APple pop up.

    Hats off to Fl0r!an & Netkas who have breathed new life into older Mac Pros .
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    Dec 16, 2004
    As of tonight I also have a Sapphire Vapor-X HD5870 1 Gb ( factory O/C) booting with correct res Apple EFI screens on DVI -DVI and DVI - HDMI cable.

    Thank to Fl0r!an in his "Radeon Port Mapping" thread over at the Netkas site.

    Check out Page 15 if you have either an XFX HD5770 ( 2XDVI + 1 Mini Display Port or the above Vapor-X card.

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