Xgearlive 360 case, picture and short first impression.

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    Mar 25, 2008
    I have heard about xgearlive 360 swivel case while back. I originally wanted the carbon fiber, but it was priced at 199.00 at the time. I didn't want to spend that much money so I wanted polycarbon clear one instead. So, soon as the pre-order started (March 16), I placed an order. Then, I pad2 came out, and after over 2month of wait, I finally got the case.
    They have contacted me twice to let me know it was backordered, and production has been delayed, also asked me if I wanted refund. Because i wanted this case so much, i said I would wait.

    I am glad I did. Here is the pictures and the first impression.
    My first impressoin was the case didn't looked good by itself. The case wasn't just right without ipad in it. So, I put the Ipad2 in the case.
    *Important: I had back armor on ipad and I had to take it off in order to fit. Ipad will NOT fit in case with back protector film.

    After I put ipad2 in case, It felt solid and looked great. I really liked the looks and feel. I suits my need perfectly. The hinge on the back when flip open give nice slope for typing.

    Enjoy the picture.

    case closed

    opening and rotating the front cover

    fully opened and flatten

    opened, and hinge opened


    opened and view from the top

    Thank you.

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