Xmas gift....iPhoto Clanedar.....Sweet!

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by zagato27, Dec 13, 2008.

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    Hmmmm, hard to pick the correct forum for this but here goes. I decided on something a bit different as a Xmas gift this year for my older son. Last year it was a Nikon D40 that he has been enjoying tremendously. Lots of photos and not just snaps either. Anyway, I got some of his favorite photos that he's taken in the highest resolution possible and started making a calendar in iPhoto. Only pictures that he had taken were included and were a mix of family, family critters, friends and his favorite.....cars. It was pretty easy to put it all together and select a theme. Also added text on the appropriate days for b'days and special occasions and that was a pretty neat feature. Finished it and hit "buy calendar". Downloaded to Apple and waa laa, complete! Just got the finished result in the mail yesterday. WOW! Better than anything you could buy.....well I couldn't get my own pictures of a Mclaren F1 or a Victoria Secret girl but this one has a lot more heart. Quality was excellent. Crossed my fingers when I originally sent the "calendar" in as a couple of pictures were flagged as possibly not printing correctly because of the resolution but they came out beautifully. I think he'll like it. I'll report back later on the results. Think this will be a winner and I recommend it as a gift to friends or family. Requires a bit of thought and effort but all in all very easy. For all you shutter bugs this is a great way to showcase your talents and share them. Cheers
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    Last year I did this for the first time, using Mpix (http://www.mpix.com) to print calendars that I gave as gifts, and I also had them print my Christmas cards as well. I used some of my favorite images, processing them in Aperture. Mpix has special software that one uses for setting up the calendar or greeting card, and it is quite easy, even for a first-timer. I've just done the same for this year's Christmas gifts. Sent the files to them on Thursday night and I'm expecting to receive the items by FedEx on Monday.

    A calendar with one's own images makes a wonderful, personal gift -- I highly recommend the idea!
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    Jan 11, 2006
    I did a hardcover coffee table book last year for my better half using mypublisher.com. He's got a collection of beautiful guitars. I took a bunch of artistic photos of them and put together the book. The results were fantastic and he loved it. I even got some photography work from him showing it off.
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    Did the calendar for my wife two years ago from the kids. She absolutely loved it! Quality was excellent and well worth the money. This year we did hardcover books from APple for the grandparents and are waiting for them to come in. I'm hoping the quality is as good as the calendar was.
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    I produced photo books through Aperture 2 for a summer trip, and yes, they are absolutely beautiful. Amazing quality.
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    I did calendars for family x-mas presents... very happy with the results. the price is ok, and delivery was very fast

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