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    Hi all..

    Whats the difference between Lantronix's Xprint server (Home), and Airport express ?

    Thinking about buying an xPrint to connect and share between 2 computers, on the network, rather than needing to constantly plug/unplug airport at any time i need to print..

    The convenience would be "just there" as with anything.

    Apart from the 8 printer support for Home uses, is there any difference ?

    Finally, has anyone uses lantronix ? Would appreciate feedback,
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    Aug 13, 2013
    Check if Lantronix supports your printer before buying

    The Lantronix xPrintServer Home Edition does not support every printer, so check their web site first. I have several Canons, including MX-880, MX-860, and iP100...they don't support any of them. Unfortunately, I bought and was unaware of the list on their web site.

    If your printer is not supported, you can request that it be added. However, in the case of Canon, they say that Canon has be uncooperative in helping them add support for the Pixma series. I hope that they will keep after them. I really don't see us buying a whole set of new printers just to get seamless printing from iOS. There are software kludges to do this, but they are just that, and not seamless.

    The Pixmas will print from iOS via the xPrintServer, but veeerrrry slowly. If that doesn't bother you, then ok. But, it's really really slow.
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    The former makes non-Airprint printers Airprint compatible. The latter does not.

    I use it with a Laserjet 2300. Works well for Airprint. Easy to set up and reliable. However, I don't use it as a print server for computers and use a Jetdirect instead.

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