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Jun 15, 2009
I’ve been away from iPhones for a couple of years and just got the XS. I’m coming from a OnePlus 3 so I’m used to the blazing fast Dash Charger getting my phone from 20% to 100% in an hour.

I have a 12w iPad brick that’s getting me better speeds but what else could I get? I know the USB C options are expensive. Would I see an improvement if I got say a 24w Anker charger and still used lightning or does lighting stop improving at wattage above the iPad charger?



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Jul 19, 2018
Apple USB-C to Lightning cable, plus a USB-C charger than has PD (Power Delivery). Anker is a good 3rd party brand.

You can't get fast charge without USB-C end, and Apple is the only one currently making that cable. It's worth it.
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Nov 12, 2013
You get the most back for your buck with the iPad 12W chargers.

With the 5W charger in 30 minutes it gets you to around the 20% charged mark.
With the 12W iPad charger in 30 minutes it gets you to around the 40% charged mark.
With the 18W+ USB-C based charger in 30 minutes it gets you to around the 50% charged mark.

5W - charger and cable free - comes with phone
12W - charger $20 range - cable free comes with phone
18W+ - $30-50 for the charger + $20-30 for the cable - both depending on if you go Apple brand or other and wattage.

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