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May 4, 2010
SE Penna.
Well I got one of two XS Max iPhones delivered from VZW today. Did the restore, number port from AT&T and things are good. THEN later in the day my wife said let me hold it (so she could get an idea of how her's will be) and it would rattle when shaken. OMG!! Not only when shaking side to side but front to back.... like the entire battery and inside stuff has no backing or stabilizers.

So went to Apple today and they said it could be a safety issue, BUT they have no exchange units nor ports to fix it. So they said to try the VZW store tomorrow and see if they have a replacement. If not to come back in 8-10 days when repair stock will be there.

Can you believe it???? Damn FoxConn in China.
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