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Jan 5, 2016
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I stopped by the Apple Store on Sunday to check out the new iPhones and Apple Watches and was surprised that I didn't have the same impression of the Max that I've always had of the Plus iPhones. I've always found the Plus felt massive and unwieldy (and trying out an 8 Plus display model in the store yesterday I still had the same thought), yet when I picked up the Max it felt manageable and not excessive the way the Plus has always felt to me. The dimensions are pretty comparable, but did the roughly mm in height and width they shaved off make all the difference, or is it the lack large bezels that changes my impression of it? I never thought I would actually be interested in the Max, but now I find myself wondering if it should be my next iPhone. I'm still waiting to see the XR first either way...

Also seeing the AW S4 really made me want to upgrade from my AW S3, but I must resist that urge!


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Jun 22, 2012
I really think that tiny change in width made the difference. I never wanted a Plus because I have small hands, and my husband's phone required me to stretch my fingers to hold it one-handed. Then his XS Max case arrived and I realized it felt totally different, so I scrambled to get one for myself. After a weekend with it, I'm thrilled!


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Oct 18, 2011
Apple iPhone World
Also seeing the AW S4 really made me want to upgrade from my AW S3, but I must resist that urge!
Same I currently have the AW S3, and after seeing the AWs4 I couldn't resisted and decided to order one from apple.com and will have to wait. In the meantime, I did set a notification e-mail from iStocknow.com to e-mail me when the SSSB S4 44 mm sports band is in-stock at the apple store near me, then I'll cancel my order online and order it online for in-store pick up.
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