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Apr 8, 2008
I did it.
The benefits...
Smaller size but still showing the same amount of info on screen.
Way way better battery life - this was a big one for me.
Better cell reception - wasn’t a reason to change but I noticed I’m getting better reception with my XR than I did with my Max.

Things I miss...
Dual cameras. Every time I take a pic I look for the 2x button (owned a X).
The Max is better if you watch a lot of video on your phone. The screens are close but blacks are def more pronounced on the OLED screens.

I travel a lot so size, portability and battery life were big factors .
So far I’m super happy with the change.


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Jan 17, 2013
Wales, United Kingdom
I’ve heard a few here over the months say they’ve gone to the XR from the Max. Personally I don’t think the Max is better ‘enough’ to warrant the price difference but everybody has different views on what they hold value in on a smartphone.
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Jul 12, 2016
The only valid reason is pwm sensitivity. Any other reason to switch will most likely lead to second guessing. The max is the best iPhone ever made, assuming you can use it without headaches.

PWM is Definitely not the only reason, I have read multiple users reverting to the XR due to:

1.) XR is cheaper/highly similar to the XS. (Other than aesthetics/dual camera).

2.) Battery life on XR is more notable (Pending user).

3.) ‘Buyers remorse’ on spending that amount on the Max.
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Oct 26, 2011
Upstate SC
I'm assuming the OP is asking from the position of owning a Max and not simply a comparison of the two phones.

If I had a Max and were outside the return window, I would probably keep it instead of selling it and buying a new XR. I have had a XR for over a month and like it a lot, but the primary reason I bought it was its value. I didn't see the XS and Max worth the premium difference over the XR.

However, selling a Max would eat into that difference, so for me I'm not sure it be worth the process. Now--if the size is too big or the owner is sensitive to PWM or has a buyer and won't lose much in the sale, then switching is another matter.
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Oct 14, 2018
The Sillie Con Valley
Single-lens iPhones including the XR use pinch-zoom to frame shots. This requires the use of two hands and is a deal breaker for me. The dual-lens camera can be operated one-handed but I found my 7+ a little too big and the Max the same. My hands are larger than most but only one of them works anymore.

Why Apple doesn't make one-handed framing available in the single-lens iPhones is a mystery to me. I could have been happy with an SE were it not for that.

I waited till the release of the XR before trying all three new iPhones and bought the XS.

For all of the armchair speculation about battery life, I find that I charge my XS about every 6–7 days as opposed to my 7+ that I charged about once a week. I'm really good with that. OK, I don't use mine as much as most people—I get that.
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