Xserve, 2 NIC's, and 2 ISP's

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    we currently have an Xserve for our public web and mail service. We are currently running both services through a DSL line but would like to drop the DSL and go to cable modem. My question is, can I connect each outside ISP to the Xserve's NICs and have the web and mail respond to data from both connections. I have access to our public DNS records.

    For example, I have two web sites so I can split them and try the set up.

    NIC0 - ----- Gateway ----- DSL 68.x.x.x
    NIC1 - ----- Gateway ----- Cable 70.x.x.x

    I tried moving one of the sites but mail would not work. I changed the settings under "web" to look at any IP and I also changed the mx record in DNS to point to .205. I see the connection on port 25 and it trying to be delivered to .205 through the xserve firewall log but I never see it show up in the mail smtp log.

    My goal is to change the DNS records so we can get rid of the DSL line but I am trying to avoid any down time.

    Is this possible or am I going down the wrong road.
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    Well, if you have static IPs on both you could put two MX records in, but that wouldn't load balance them.

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