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    Sep 23, 2010

    I have just spent 20 minutes fully describing my problem only to be told I was not logged in when i submitted it, so here is the short version.. We have inadvertantly modified the permissions on the Home folder on our OD network. I have heard about the password reset function on the DVD but we are in a live environment and I cannot test it. Am I able to use this utility to reset the permissions on a network home folder containg over 400 users? or is this for individual use only? any help is appreciated!!

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    Are you talking about the server's admin account or a network user account? Admin needs the DVD reset thing. For network accounts, you can use Workgroup Manager to reset network user accounts, and possibly the admin account but that does get a little dicey.
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    Hi, Sorry If i haven't explained properly. The permissions on the home directory folder stored on the server , which houses the users home drives and profile settings, have been changed. there are over 400 users and the home directory for each user only relates to the short name, which is a six digit number. So putting the permissions back for each user, so that only they have RW access to their own home folder, would be a nightmare. I need a way so set the entire directory tree back to the default settings. I.E the user who is linked to the home folder can read and write and everyone else has no access.
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    I know of no way to accomplish this except one at a time. And really, it won't be too bad. I've had to do a few hundred before, and it's tedious but not mind-numbing.

    Hope another reader has a solution that I am unaware of though.

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