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    I work at a small school that uses an Xserve as its main server. For the time being the server is simply resting on a table. Since the unit is kept in a small room where space is limited, I was thinking of wall mounting it. Provided adequate ventilation is maintained are there any foreseeable problems with wall mounting an Xserve? I was looking at the following 1U wall mounting kit:


    Thanks for your time.
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    I don't see any problems as long as the rack rail types are supported and its assembled properly.
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    The obvious potential problem is that the cooling system is designed to work with the server horizontal and pockets of heat in unexpected places are possible. I am not sure which will be the best way to mount it, possibly with the front pointing downwards. In practice I doubt it will be a problem but if you ever have problems with it, don't mention that you wall mounted it and I would be feeling the case for hotspots.

    Have you checked the xserve manual, it is conceivable that it has mounting do-s and don'ts in there?
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    Search for a wall mount 19" rack. We use those in our company all the time for various gear. They provide ventilation as well as a lockable front door. Once you open the front door, there's another catch mechanism that will allow you to swing the entire cabinet away from the wall so you can access the back of the unit.
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