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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by HeadGear, Feb 28, 2012.

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    I know you're wondering why did I post this in the MacBook Pro section, well this is what my client is using along with an iMac and iPhone 4S.

    My problem:

    Client has a yahoo biz mail account (looks like: instead of it saying It's a POP3 account (might answer the question)

    We installed the account on the iPhone 4S, MacBook Pro and iMac. However none of the e-mails sync up together. i.e. if I delete an e-mail it doesn't delete anywhere else, if I move an e-mail on one computer it's not moved on anything else. I believe this is a POP issue. Does Yahoo biz mail allow you to switch to IMAP and would this fix my problem or should I try and switch the account over to GMAIL since I know it can handle this and if so what is the best process (export all e-mails, import and have them show on all 3 mac devices).

    Thanks for the help!


    Found this link:

    Main question is if I do this will it allow me to keep my or will my new address be
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    This is not so much a POP "issue", rather it is exactly how POP is supposed to behave.

    Not sure if they allow switching to IMAP, but if they do it would fix your problem.

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