Yahoo mail crashes Safari?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by mulletman13, Jan 20, 2005.

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    Hey all,

    My sister just called me about her mac that I just gave her (dual 867 MDD), and she's running on a wireless network, but is having a giant problem with safari apparently.

    She's trying to go to her Yahoo mail, and click through things but is getting the beach ball for minutes at a time. I've told her how to force quit safari and it won't work. I asked her if she could open another program and all it does is bounce in the dock. The speaker/sound buttons also do not function when this all happens.

    What kindof problem do you think this is? Internet problem? Is it just a problem with Safari... or could it be a possibility that a stick of RAM/hdd cable came loose?

    I really want this to be an easy fix because I gave her the computer raving all about OS X and how easy/fast/stable it is, but it seems she is getting problem after problem :( I'm going to try to check RAM and cables later today when I get there, I'm just looking for other suggestions about what to do.

    Thanks in advance.
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    It might be a hickup in the Safari program or she is using to much bandwidth, I usually get this when download a bunch of files and I as Safari to go to a website with some features that need bandwidth. At which point the downloads and site seem to fight over the connection and cause Safari to give a beach ball for a short time. Repair Permissions of course. How much RAM does it have and did she have anything else up and running? Like P2P program or anything, since they need bandwidth baddly. Also check to make sure that there is not unauthorized access to her wireless, and that she is getting a good signal, it might be a bad connection to the basestation. If she is using encription, that can cause a lag too.

    She can quit Safari by clicking on the Finder face in the desktop, then either push the three buttons to get the Force Quit menu up, or she can click on the Apple in the top left, and choose Force Quit. Reason being is that when a program is stuck, it also disables the menus across the top. So if she clicks on another program, such as the Finder, the menu should be usable again.

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