Yahoo! Mail on iPhone downloading only mails from May?!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by frontman, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. frontman macrumors newbie

    Aug 12, 2008
    Firstly, I am sorry to join your forum and launch straight in with an issue :( I realise this can be annoying, but I am really stuck so I hope some people may be able to assit.

    I will try to be concise here, its a complicated one. First thing to know is that I'm a Yahoo! Plus customer, so I pay for my Yahoo! account and supposedly, enhanced features!

    I have an iPhone 3G, bought just under a week ago and I have set up Yahoo! Mail on it via the pre-loaded Yahoo! Mail icon whereby the phone carries out an automated set up of mail server addresses etc. after you have input your name, user name and password. The set up works and an account is created with all my mail account sub-folders visible.

    However setting up via this method, the phone will only download mails from May 2008, its as though it sees these as the last 25 mails in my account. You cannot edit any server settings using this method.

    So I have reset the phone, tried again, etc etc etc etc but it still will only download mails from May and not even new mails will come through.

    So I then deleted the automated Yahoo mail account on my phone and I set up Yahoo! Mail via the "other" option and input the POP settings manually. The set up worked and I can send and receive mails and see the newest mails in my account.

    However using the "other" set up method I cannot see my sub folders and "push" functionality will not work either.

    I have called O2 (UK), they put me onto Apple, Apple said it was a Yahoo! problem. I mailed Yahoo! 3 times via the help forms, but got no response. The agent on Live Chat would not comment as he stated it was a "Yahoo! Mobile" problem.

    Round we go.

    In the meantime, since setting up the POP account on my iPhone my mailbox has crashed repeatedly, I have had to revert back to Mail Classic when on a PC, however even using a PC browser my mail interface is regularly failing to load. Surely all these matters are related.

    Does anyone have any advice or can anyone identify with this issue?

    I'm paying enough as it is for the iPhone and contract, I have paid for my Yahoo! Plus for 3 years, and nothing works. Its pretty disappointing!! Any help or suggestions appreciated!

  2. devinemke macrumors newbie

    Aug 31, 2008
    i'm having the exact same problem. i have several yahoo folders and my iPhone is only fetching 25 emails from the middle of july (?). this seems to only happen with folders that contain a lot of emails. i have one folder with only a few and it works fine but folders with several 100 emails do not fetch the newer ones.

    i have exchanged a few emails with Yahoo Mobile Support and they have suggested that i delete and re-create the Yahoo mail account on my iPhone which i have done twice now with the same problem. i have not yet tried a full factory reset on my iPhone but i will probably try that next. please let me know if you find a solution to this problem and i will do the same.
  3. frontman thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 12, 2008
    The only update I can give you is to dump Yahoo I'm afraid. I've had it with them, having been a paid subscriber of their mail service for years now their embarrassingly poor level of customer service from people who speak and embarrassingly poor level of English is just too unacceptable. I opened a MobileMe account on a 4 month free trial which so far I am totally happy with. All the push mails work, calendar and contact syncs etc all fine.

    I believe the problems we are seeing are Yahoo's fault, you are not going to achieve anything by rebooting the phone and reinstalling the mail settings again and again, O2 (my SP in the UK) blamed Apple, Apple blamed Yahoo, Yahoo couldn't understand the issue well enough to make even a finger lift of effort to fix it, and as you can see, no one here seems to know anything about it either. So for me the only option was to dump Yahoo and sign up with presumably, a better service provider. At least you can actually call Apple, Yahoo don't use phones in their business.

    Mind you, I had loads of mails in my account too, around 10,000 so that's a similarity I guess. Good luck mate!

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