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    First off, I am not a designer or web UI guru, but it's something I have to do from time to time as a software developer. I'm not especially attuned to web design trends, but sometimes somebody makes something either so good or so bad that I take notice.

    The last time I "took notice" of a bad re-design was, maybe a year or so ago. They botched their home page so badly as to make it (in my opinion) unreadable. I used to read daily for tech news. I haven't been back since their re-design, because I can no longer find stuff that I am interested in. (Particularly, the regular columns, which I used to follow until they buried them.)

    I was wondering what others think of Yahoo's recent home page re-design?

    Personalty, I think it's horrible. It's slow. At least in Firefox, the page elements jump all over the place while it's filling up - I can't read stuff that's jumping around. Yahoo's home page has always done this, but now it's even worse. I'm never quite sure when the page is going to finish loading. There's a horrible lag when scrolling the page.

    They removed the tabs for world, local, etc. news. (Those sometimes didn't work right before - sometimes it would fill-in the news section on the home page, other times, inexplicably it would instead jump to the full page for the category.) They are replaced by sections below (wasn't immediately obvious) and the space previously used for the tabs is now used for navigation elements that are only for the "teaser" images, and which are only half-visible in my browser. Why on earth would anybody want to scroll-through through 45 teaser images and headlines on the home page?

    I haven't looked into just what Yahoo changed so drastically, other than some obvious layout changes. Some new version of YUI? Full-hog HTML5? Something else?

    Bottom line is this is probably another site that I will just stop using it's just so ugly and clunky. To use David Letterman's terminology: it's hinky. (As in the second definition: (of an object) Unreliable: "my brakes are a little hinky".

    Just what did they do, how can it be fixed, and how does somebody like Yahoo botch this so badly?
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    Who uses Yahoo anymore? Everything about that company is either awful or done 10x better by Google, Microsoft, or Apple.
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    You have a point.

    I guess I'm lazy. I only use Yahoo to get a quick glance at the news headlines. I have decent news apps on my iPad, but I still use Yahoo if I'm at my computer and the iPad is in the other room. I use Zite for tech and science news, News360 for general news, and several newspaper/magazine apps I use less frequently. (CNN, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, etc.)

    After the re-design, the Yahoo home page is no longer suitable for "a quick glance at news headlines".

    As an aside, what's a good site to get a quick look at up-to-date news headlines?
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    LOL, that's actually registered to Yahoo...

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