Y'all Need to get a LIFE


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Oct 15, 2001
I've been reading a lot of crap about how people are pissed off at Steve Jobs for Making the new iMac. But ya know what y'all need to get a life. Apple didn't even have to make these Eligant Beasts of Power. Come on Apple could have given us a dang speed 50MHz speed boost and made the iMac look exactly the same. Look at what they put in the iMac an 800MHz G4, 15in LCD, a dang SUPERDRIVE that we don't even need!!!!!!!!! Come on you guy's need to quick bashing Apple every macworld or get a PC.


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
nicely put

like I've said in the past....and this is a generalization, so it isn't meant for everyone...

you guys bitch too much!


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Jan 5, 2002

like sjestus said, apple didnt have to do this they could have hade a 900 g4 and stuff,but instead we get a small g4 imac that is really powerful,wy so damn powerful? do thst the imac is always on top with updated speeds.We just got a small g4, it looks good and is small and people will buy it and this will expand mac, its cheap and powerful for what it is, i mean you complain about $1800 for a g4 imac, do you want to buy a tower for $4300 when you can get it just as good for $1800 and have it smaller. This is revolutionary and it is cool. Just stop bitchin, it may hurt mad ya know