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    I wore my AW today while doing the full hard mow, trim, edge, and blow. I have a walk-behind mower with a Velke, so the actual mowing has very few steps. But, I walk a lot with all the other stuff. I have worn my Fitbit Zip a few times in the past, and I wore it today as well. For whatever reason, the Fitbit gave massively inflated steps when I work in the yard, so I was curious what the AW would report. I also used Workout-Other to record it.

    Fitbit recorded 5,106 steps. The Apple Watch only recorded 2,061 steps. I believe the AW.

    The other interesting thing is that the AW would not give me a reliable heart rate while mowing. Most times, it was registering something around 1/2 of my actual HR. It always had a reading (except maybe once or twice), but it was always wrong. If I stopped mowing and took my hands off the mower, it would give me a HR reading in the 110 range, but it would report 45 - 55 while mowing. I even tightened it up a notch, but that had no effect. The rest of the activities had reliable HR readings in the 120 - 130 range while I was walking around and doing stuff.

    After the yard work, I walked the dog to continue the FB and AW step comparisons. In this case, I think the AW was off, because I had the leash in my watch hand for a bit before I switched hands. The AW recorded 1,967 steps and 0.92 miles while the FB recorded 2,229 steps and 0.97 miles.

    After it all, the watch was at 20% battery (I also did a 80 minute run in the morning) and the phone was at 55%. I did not carry the phone with me during the yard work, but I had it during the morning workout and dog walk. Both going back on their chargers to make it through the rest of the day.

    I would not recommend the AW during yard work if you care about its appearance long term. The reason is that it is very easy to bump it on something while managing yard tools. In my case, I had gloves that covered it, but if it were a regular thing, I would wear an arm band over the watch for more safety.
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    It has been documented the  Watch doesn't correctly measure steps when pushing things with handles, grocery carts, strollers, etc. My wife has documented this herself while making extended shopping trips, while pushing a cart wearing her  Watch. Sounds like steering/pushing a mower would fall into the same ballpark.

    Might be the answer.
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    I was on a Velke, so I was not walking behind the mower. The AW got it right while the FB inflated the steps.

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