Yay picked up vintage celestion home speakers

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by contoursvt, Apr 17, 2008.

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    I love old vintage stuff so I wanted to share the joy

    I have a set of Celestion DL8's as my main speakers and I really like them and came across someone selling as set of older Ditton 33's. They were so clean that I couldnt pass them up. I brought them home and set them up.

    After listening I can say that they sound OK but not great. The tweeters are a tad bright for my taste and mid is a bit recessed back. Bass is a bit heavier than I'd like. Room is a 10x9 so its pretty small so I'm sure a speaker with a 10" driver in such as small room is not the greatest idea. They are IMO sort of like a much more accurate Cerwin vega type sound rather than a speaker really intended to be accurate. They are definitly lively and clean when turned up though.

    So they are great and I'll keep them but they wont replace my DL8's for my main system.

    Here are the pics of the Ditton 33's (first two pics) followed by the DL8's which are my current favorite :)

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    A religiously oppressed state
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    Jul 22, 2005
    Amp is a Threshold SA3 which is a 50wpc class A amp. I think its from the late 80's. Got it used on ebay about 5 years ago.

    Preamp is a Rotel from the early 90's ... like this one because it has no tone controls.

    The CD player is a 5 year old Yamaha CDC685

    Digital player is a Squeezebox 3

    The main speakers I have (bottom pic) are Celestion DL8 which are from the early to mid 80s and the ones I just picked up are the Ditton 33 series from the late 70's

    ...off to the side of the room, I have some unused equipment. Soundcraftsmen amp and preamp, Audiocontrol PCA (crossover and bass restoration) and also an SAE 50wpc rackmount power amp - P50 model if I remember right. I cant sell them...them are all so great and free from scratches and stuff :)


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