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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by xVeinx, Nov 1, 2006.

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    Oct 9, 2006
    Of those "is this right for me" threads...

    I've used macs on and off before, (used to "program" on the Apple IIe in 6th grade :) ), and am looking to pick up a macbook for myself. I'm fairly familiar with OSX and know something of what it has to offer in terms of general use. I'm not so familiar with what it offers in terms of the core unix environment, and this is what I'll be most interested in. The uses I envision for this little guy: Coding with C, Java, and lots of Perl for use in bioinformatics type work, and maybe even some modeling (science based apps). If I teach any courses next semester, I'll need it for Powerpoints or the equivalent, and of course will take it everywhere for lots of research needs. I drove my dell 600m into the ground in a year (well, the lcd died on me and I've had to reinstall windows 3 times and its running mighty slow again; maybe it wasn't meant to run the software that recomended a dual processor and 2 gigs of ram :eek: ), so I'm looking for something that can handle a lot of higher-level software and lots of travel. Again, I should probably do some of this on a regular desktop, but yeah. Is a macbook good enouigh for this? I've been told the macbook (or at least the ibook) was a hit with many computer science folks. Any thoughts would be welcome!
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    The MacBook is a great machine but I would strongly recomend you looking at the MacBookPro if you want to do a lot of number crunching and travel a lot with your machine. If you are concerned with budget look at getting a refurb (I can't remember the last time I got a band new machine!). If all you are doing is code then you should be OK with the MacBook but from my experience the MacBookPro is a better machine for simulation work.

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