Yet another Animation/Motion graphics pricing estimate question

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by juanm, Apr 9, 2013.

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    So a friend of mine recently won several big awards here in Europe for a 3D animated short film, and a marketing agency has asked him to quote them a price for an animation. However, even though he's very talented, 3D had been, until now, a hobby for him (he does industrial design with Catia) and he doesn't know how much to quote. He asked me, but I cannot really tell him how much to charge, since my experience is in movies and ad projects, but with real cameras, not pixels, and have no idea how long it would take.

    He'd be doing the 3D and hiring someone to give him a hand for the After Effects part.
    It's this kind of animation:
    What kind of budget does an animation video like this need?

    He already has a license for his 3d software and Creative Cloud, and the person hired to help him for the After Effects part would provide his/her own software, I guess (I didn't ask, but it seem logical)

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    This kind of work is worth at least $50 per hour, assuming that it's of the same quality at the linked video. I know that through an agency, this is probably a $7,000-$10,000 job, but less for an individual because there aren't overhead expenses to cover, the client gets less choices and slower turnaround time, etc.

    After Effects compositing is honestly probably about 70% of the work in a video like that, though, so he won't be doing most of the work.
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    Thanks, that's more or less what I told him (I told him 7-8000 and be ready to lower it a bit)

    Okay, thanks!

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