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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Gofre, Oct 13, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm sure you get an ungodly number of these threads, hopefully you can tolerate one more!

    So yeah, I'm sure you can guess from the title what this is regards to. I'm looking to spend, at most, £120 on a digital camera. I admit, digital photography is something I don't have the first idea on. I'm not after anything particularly feature-packed, just the best picture quality for the money and half decent performance in low-light conditions. Size, weight etc isn't important. I don't mind if the best camera in the price range comes with a learning curve either, I'd like to think I'm quite good at leaning this sort of thing and my flatmate's a photography student so he'll be on hand if I run into any speed bumps.

    From what I can gather from my reading, this is a decent enough deal. If anyone's aware of any better deals, thou shall be granted an internet cookie.

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    Unfortunately, the answer these days is that it doesn't matter in that price range. For a 120 pounds or about 200 dollars you can just go and pick any point and shoot that you like of any brand you may prefer. One way to save money is to go to the websites of manufacturers or stores that sell refurbished cameras and/or last year's models. Canon does this for instance or any larger chain in the UK will probably resell those as well. Had pretty good experiences with those "white box" Canon products.

    The image quality with the tiny little (physical size that is) sensors in that camera class will be more or less the same across the board. And there won't be much of a learning curve because those cameras don't really allow for any meaningful settings to be tweaked.

    The only way to learn photography on the cheap these days still is a used film SLR with a decent lens. For 200 bucks you can easily find an old Nikon or Canon film body in good shape with a fast 50mm lens and those can still do things that a little digital P&S will never be able to do - or at least not until the camera industry decides that it's time to put reasonably sized sensors into cameras that are less than 2000 dollars or up.

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