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    Greetings Folks,

    Long time reader, first time poster....

    I've done a search in the forums and while my situation has been broached, it hasn't totally been focused on (I don't think)....

    So, I have approx. 16,000 songs in my itunes....All of which are also uploaded to iTunes Match. It is about 113 gigs worth of music.

    I'd like to clear out the physical MP3 files off my hard drive, after moving them to an external drive to open up space on my HD.

    A good portion of these albums are either purchased legally or ripped from a CD, but a good portion are also downloaded from various 'spots' on the intra-web.

    Therefore, I'd say there are at least 5-6000 of these songs, that upon importing them to iTunes, I had to alter or add the Artist Name, Album and/Or Song title....Or I would have to fix spellings, capitalizations, and other little fix-ups to make my itunes library look all uniform (OCD much?), etc.....

    So my itunes library looks wonderful, the actual MP3 files sitting on my computer are going to be a mess should I ever need to re-move them back to my computer HD. I don't plan on this, unless Apple doesn't decide to match Amazon's cloud service and allow us to upload 250,000 songs for the same $24.99 per year. Amazons layout though is horrible to look at and their album artwork match is often wrong.

    If I ever have to re-import the physical mp3's back onto my computer, I am going to be in for a major disaster of untitled and unorganized music, which I'd never have the time or patience be able to fix....

    So, I have done a bit of google'ing and found some programs that will fix meta-tags (not live music of course).....Few people have mentioned Tune Up. I don't mind paying for it, if it will do what I need it to do...

    What is my best course of action?
    Should I copy the 113 gigs of music somewhere else, and then fix the tags, in case i screw something up? I don't want my Itunes library in Itunes itself messed with....Just want to clean up the files sitting in the (Music/Itunes/ItunesMedia/Music) folder....After they are fixed, I'd transfer them to an external drive, and wipe off the 113gigs, and rely on Match to play music from my computer...

    So, is Tune Up what I am looking for, or is there something better out there for me? I want it to clean up and organzie the files behind the scenes and not change anything that I edited in itunes itself.

    Much thanks!
    Looking forward to contributing!

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