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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by byke, Apr 24, 2012.

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    I have searched the net high and low and haven't found an answer to a commonly discussed question.

    I have a Mac Pro 1.1 with no Wifi or Bluetooth.
    The bluetooth I can live without, but the wifi is allot harder.

    At present I have my iPhone and cable connected to the Mac Pro 1.1 and use it as a wired hotspot. I had hoped it would act as a way to share my home internet wifi, and while it is connected it still seems that the data is pulled to the mac via 3G instead. Resulting in slower speeds and phone bills that make you chuckle.

    So I have looked online and found numerous threads about old apple cards with some working and some not. And to be honest it just sounds like too much effort and cost. in regards to shipping an old piece of hardware half way around the world, especially if I can't install it properly.

    So I have been looking at USB Wifi dongles etc .... and again they seem riddled with compatibility issues etc.

    So my last thought has been maybe a Apple Airport Express?
    This way I can link a ethernet cable to my mac and the express .... but will it work to receive in this way?

    At present we have an ethernet cable that runs to a mac mini.
    This connection is then shared over wifi to the rest of the gadgets in the house (with no problems) but would I be able to connect a airport express to the mac pro (via USB or Ethernet) to be able to receive the shared mini's wifi sharing?

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    You have confusing setups.

    For your Mac Pro I'd get the miniPCIe wifi-card and hook it up to the existing internal antennas. Or, if you don't want to deal with that, get a USB wifi adapter. OWC specializes in Mac-compatible stuff and has decent support, so I'd look there.

    I'd also just use a dedicated wireless router instead of trying to use your iPhone or Mini.

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