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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by yg17, Jul 11, 2015.

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    I haven't really updated my resume in awhile, and not since I've been out of college and in the professional world. But I'm getting it up to date because I'm probably going to start exploring opportunities elsewhere. Being that I haven't done this is so long, I have a few questions, will probably have more.

    1) I'm a software developer. Worked on some internal applications whose names have no meaning outside that company. What's the right way to put these on a resume? I want to say something like "Developed stuff using technologies that are relevant to your job posting for application XYZ". They have no idea what XYZ is. Should I leave the acronym, spell out XYZ the first time I use it, or try to briefly try to describe what XYZ does - "developed stuff for XYZ, an application that does a bunch of crap"

    2) Had a summer internship 8 years ago. It's relevant software dev experience. But if you ask me what I did there, I'm not going to recall in great detail 8 years and many drinks later. Keep it, or drop it?

    3) I remember the rule for resumes in college was one page. That's when experience was just a summer internship and the skills list was short. I had to come up with enough bull **** just to make it one page (thankfully, bull ******** to fill pages is a skill I learned in middle school English). Now, even if I completely drop my summer internship, I'd still be on two pages. Is two pages acceptable for someone with real world experience under their belt?

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    Just abstract the internal product into features and technology. XYZ isn't really that important, it's how you got to XYZ, how effectively, etc.

    What platform/stack did it use?
    What layer did you work on? UI/UX? Server? Biz/logic? Reporting? Data modeling?
    Did it require integration with other systems?
    Performance targets? Uptime? Implementation of plans for upgrades, recovery?
    Were there any specific dev methodologies used? Testing approaches? Budget management?
    Benefit to the business? i.e., saved money, streamlined workflow, reduced/enhanced, etc.

    If it can be disclosed, I'd at the very least have a simple one liner explaining XYZ for just a touch of context.
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    Aug 4, 2011
    /r/resumes will have good answers for you. I've gotten quite a few tips from there.

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