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    Hey there,
    this is an App for everyone who learns a language.

    Vocabularies are one of the most important things to improve your language skills. So it is also really important to do this quite often and effective.
    And wouldn't it be nice to have an App to assist you doing so?

    I personally had to learn languages for school, but I also do for fun. So I wanted to create an App that fulfills all my ideas of what a vocabulary trainer should do.
    Yoogo is organized in books, so it is principally made for people who learn there words with books. But you can also add the vocabularies you collected from the Internet or other sources. And if you don't like to type all your vocabularies at your touch screen keyboard, you can also write them on your computer and import them as CSV files.

    The next layer (beneath books) are lists. Lists are just categories, you put your words in. For instance the first chapter of your book, or every word that is about food. But there are also intelligent lists which organize theirselves. For example, you checked your latest words, and you were unable to answer some of them. They are automatically added to the list "To be rechecked".

    Yoogo also recognizes synonyms and optional words (you enclosed in brackets).
    For instance: Yoogo is asking you for the German word of "(to) put".
    The stored answer is "setzen; stellen; legen".
    Now you've entered "stellen", it automatically detects the synonym, so it was correct.

    There are also a lot more options you can select. You can also choose between difference testing modes (like written test or multiple choice).
    It can even tell you, how to pronounce a word. Yoogo is using iOS 7's new API for speech output to tell you how the word is pronounced.
    It works in many languages, for instance English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabaic, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and a lot more.

    But I talked enough, just check it out.

    Here you have a free trial:
    And the full version (if you like the App):

    If you want to get more information about the App, you can also check out my homepage:

    Or reply to this thread.

    I hope you like my App, feel free to ask questions and you are also welcome to add some constructive criticism.

    Thanks :)

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