Yosemite and iOS 8.1 Feature "Continuity"

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    Hey Guys,

    Can someone please help me understand this, I know vaguely what the new "Continuity" feature is with "Yosemite" but I thought it only worked if you were using a Mac with Yosemite but today something surprising happened, I have my iPhone 4s which is running the latest iOS 8.1 and I got one call on it and suddenly my iPad-3 also started showing the incoming call and I could answer that call from my iPad which was great. but I was a little surprised because it does not show all calls, Like for instance some other calls that I got on my iPhone that did not show up on my iPad so how does this work ? And can I not answer SmS received on my iPhone from my iPad ? Because my SmS are not yet showing on my iPad and I thought you have to have a Mac using Yosemite to take full advantage of the "Continuity" Feature. Apple is taking the user experience to a new sacred level ! lol ! But I still feel Samsung Galaxy Note 4 software and inbuilt APP experience is Majestic !!

    Thanks !
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    Ok Thanks will look in to this !

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