Yosemite not using all available RAM since 10.10.3?

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    Hey, I got a new MacBook Pro 13" 2015 with 16GB RAM a couple of weeks ago and updated to 10.10.3 yesterday.

    I've been on the computer a couple hours after restarting it, and this is what my memory tab on activity monitor:

    I'm fairly sure that before the update, the memory used was generally around 16GB or a bit under, but it seems to not be getting over 8GB now - is this a problem? I'm concerned the computer is not using all of the RAM available to it. I'm not sure if the computer is more sluggish since the update or not; I suspect it might be getting more stuttery on complex websites with video etc. but I can't really objectively tell.


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    Your memory pressure graph is still green, which means you have RAM available. You don't need to worry about your memory management until the graph shows yellow or red under normal workloads. OS X will manage memory efficiently without user involvement.
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    I think you are fine. I noticed the same thing with 10.10.3. I have 8GB of memory and normally close to 7GB would be used under 10.10.2.

    Now under 10.10.3 with the same apps after a few hours use it is still sitting at about 4GB used. So something does appear to have changed with the way 10.10.3 manages, or at least reports memory usage. I think they may not be including that cached memory amount in memory used now, and that is why it appears to be using less.

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    According to this article:

    How to use Activity Monitor

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