Yosemite on my Mid 2011 Mac Mini

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    Jul 28, 2014
    Hey guys!

    I've been having some issues with the Yosemite on my mid 2011 Mac Mini. Now I know this is a beta operating system still - but everything just runs slow. Not animations! Animations are seamless and don't really drop frames noticeably, but application load times, even webpage load times just take forever. It's to the point where I avoid my desktop and do most work on my late 2013 MBPr.

    It's frustrating. I've attached a screenshot of my Activity Monitor which shows nearly all 4GB of memory are being hogged when hardly any applications are open (mainly Safari, iTunes, and Mail).

    My MBPr also has 4GB of memory and the operating system runs great. Do I just need to upgrade my RAM? Or is it like this on all 2011 Mac Mini's?

    My Mini came with Mountain Lion and I'd be frustrated if its lifespan only survived two operating systems.

    I have the latest Public Beta installed as well.

    Any answers or comments to ease my worried conscious would be much appreciated.

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    Hope you got it all sorted. I haven't had any probs with 16gigs so far on my 2011.

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