Yosemite or Maverick, how can you tell?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by macfly777, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. macfly777 macrumors newbie

    Jan 14, 2015
    Need your help guys. How you can tell which OSX is pre installed from a sealed MacBook Pro??

    The retailer I went to had boxes of MacBook Pro with Maverick and Yosemite and they can not know which is which !!

    I know Yosemite is a free upgrade and all but still, I want to get the latest MacBook Pro.

    Any ideas ??!!
  2. snaky69 macrumors 603

    Mar 14, 2008
    Yosemite is a free upgrade, as you said. It's just software. It doesn't make your MBP any more "the latest" than if it had Mavericks.

    I don't remember if serial numbers are printed on the boxes, but if they are you can find out when your computer was built. Chances are if it was built after Yosemite came out, it'll have Yosemite.

    Honestly, I think you're making a big deal out of a non-issue.
  3. simonsi macrumors 601


    Jan 3, 2014
    The hardware will be identical in both cases. Even if you did get one shipped with Mavericks, it gives you the choice of either OS very easily.
  4. AFEPPL macrumors 68030


    Sep 30, 2014
    Depends how "old", old is....

    Im guessing were talking about 13"? There was a change mid 2014, the entry model CPU went from 2.4Ghz to 2.6Ghz, and the base memory went from 4GB to 8GB.

    The CPU changes are small and don't really make a big difference, but hope that helps.
  5. crawler1975 macrumors regular


    Mar 22, 2011
    The latest Macbook Pro is the one that have the upgraded processor and RAM (for the 13" rmbp) ... and either Mavericks or Yosemite is installed. I got my 13" rMBP mid 2014 about a month after yosemite was introduced but I still got Mavericks pre-installed..someone I know ordered about the same time(just a day apart) and he got Yosemite preinstalled on the same exact model of rmbp as mine.
  6. Alkaid macrumors member

    Dec 3, 2013
    I'm not 100% sure when or if this is a thing but I was once told that you can tell what's pre-installed on a Macbook Pro by what the computer on the box has for its wallpaper.

    If it's waves (or a wave), you've got Mavericks. A rocky cliff? You've got Yosemite.

    Again, I'm not 100% sure on this but it worked when I got my own unit and found it to have Mavericks on it.
  7. maflynn Moderator


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    May 3, 2009
    Short answer you can't.

    Given the fact that Yosemite has been out for some time, the odds are most of the supply chain has Macs that are now preloaded with Yosemite so the odds are high that you'll see 10.10 preloaded.

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